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The Mute Audio GrubDAC

GrubDAC Step-by-Step 3

13. Solder 805 capacitors -
As with the top-side, solder the smallest parts first and those that are on the inside of the PCB, rather than on the outside. Those are the 805-series capacitors - C2, C4, C6, C7, C8, and C12.
14. Solder the 1206-series parts -
Just so you don't forget, solder the two 1206 capacitors, first. These are the only 1206 capacitors in the grubDAC - C10 and C11. Solder the remaining 1206-series resistors and the single ferrite (L3).
15. PCB top side - solder R8, R9 -
Back on the top side of the PCB now and we're done with the SMD parts. Only through-hole are left. Start with the lowest-profile parts first - the resistors R8 and R9.
16. Solder the mini-USB connector -
Next lowest-profile part turns out to be the mini-USB connector. Solder this part next if you're not building a CableDAC version.
17. Solder LED -
The cathode pin is marked with "C". This will be the shorter pin on the LED.
18. Solder the C16 and C17 box film caps -
Note that these caps have alternates - you may choose to buy similarly rated SMD capacitors (805 or 1206) and solder them to the pads on the reverse side of the PCB. The grubDAC kits will use the through-hole parts, however.
19. Solder the three electrolytic capacitors -
C1, C5, and C15. As with any electrolytic capacitor, place the long lead into the positive "+" pad.
DONE populating the PCB!!
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