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The Mute Audio GrubDAC

GrubDAC Step-by-Step 2

7. Solder 805 capacitors -
Solder the smallest parts first and those that are on the inside of the PCB, rather than on the outside. Those are the 805-series capacitors - C3, C9, C13, and C14.
8. Solder the remaining SMD resistors and ferrites -
These are the 1206-series passive parts as indicated at right.
9. Solder the oscillator chip -
This chip is similar to the PCM and Wolfson, just without all the pins. Position by re-melting the soldered anchor pad, then solder the remaining 3 pads. Refer to the Build-by-Photo pages for details.
10. PCB reverse side - solder the TPS chip anchor pad -
Use the middle pad on the side with three pads. When you anchor the TPS regulator chip with this pin, all remaining pins are accessible on each corner - easy!
11. Solder TPS regulator pins -
Solder the remaining pins - only one left on each corner now.
12. Apply solder to remaining SMD anchor pads -
As with the top of the PCB - if you're right-handed, place the solder on the right side pad. This allows you to re-melt the solder with the iron in your right hand, while positioning the part with tweezers in your left. For vertically-oriented parts, pick the top pad and rotate the PCB 90 degrees clockwise to solder the part.
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