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PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:33 am 

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vixr wrote:
Come on guys, don't stop now... I bought a MJ board from digi01 a few weeks ago and I really want a tube based PSU. I have MJ's book on valve amps and a navy training book with a chapter on tubes... I am not much help except what I can read from these books... I bought some nice 6DJ8 tubes for the amp... So I'm committed and up for anything.

I was really not under the impression that this project will be stopped. I only read of two posts that were a little critical on some of the suggestions done on the impeplementation of a tube or ss based supply. Critical without any concrete contribution.

Well let's have the discussion in this fase of the devellopement. there are choices to be made. Personally I would choose for both possibilities available on the supply board. From there let the builder dicide for him/herself which to use. By doing that the discussion on pro/con's is down to earth and much more practical: you can choose and hear it for yourself (at your own costs and within your own preferences).

Another point is that this Morgan Jones project is aming at an pcb approach for a supply/amp that is mostly done point to point. PP is more flexible in executing your own choices and you do not have to wait for the end of the designing process of a PCB. A PCB has to reflect the technical choises made before order and is at the moment of producing 'frozen'.

So I think ample time should be taken to devellope the 'best solution' (within time/choice/costframe) for as well the supply board as the ampboard. I expect quite some devellope and testing time.

When you compare the timeframes with the devellopetime for MillettHybrid, M3 or the likes you have really to be patient. When the endresult of this project is mirroring the quality of boards like MH/M3 than the waiting time was more than worth it (for me that is).

Also there is never any deadline mentioned by the starters of the developement of this clone of Morgan Jones. That is wize in every way, especially concerning the fact that the designing expertise is concentrated within a small circle of people that also have a very busy life outside of this hobby.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 11:51 am 
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its all yours, oh long winded one. :D

an adventure is just bad planning...

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 4:04 pm 

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it may be a good idea to move the heater center-tap to around 60-80V with a resistor divider and couple to ground with a cap.

alternately just tie the heater supply to ground THROUGH a small cap.

the cathodes of the "top" triodes will be at 110V, maybe too much for the cathode voltage VS heater voltage.

:) its almost over.

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