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parafeed headphone amplifier


What is the Torpedo?

The TORPEDO!, is a true high-voltage, ouput transformer headphone amplifer based on a parafeed circuit. We think it combines several traits that are totally unique in the world of headphone amplifiers:

  • A true, high-voltage tube circuit completely contained on a PCB,
  • a true, output-transformer-coupled design,
  • a tube circuit based on one of the most inexpensive of tubes (6J6 and equivalents) and
  • the heightened safety that comes from total lack of high-voltage power wiring necessary to completely construct the amplifer.

The construction of the TORPEDO! starts with the printed circuit board (PCB). After populating the board with the specifically designed electronic parts, the TORPEDO! will provide excellent audiophile quality amplification for headphone listening enjoyment.

What's needed ...
Basic construction and parts selection is covered in detail within these web pages. Other than the parts in the Bill of Materials, you will need a soldering iron and solder, sufficient for through-hole PCB work. Miscellaneous wire and heat shrink will also be helpful - for the volume pot ground and the safety ground (that's all!). Other tools that are useful for PCB work and electronics projects include needle-nose pliers, flush cutters, wire strippers, screwdrivers and a digital multimeter (DMM) for making voltage and resistance measurements - although, a DMM is not really necessary to build this amplifier. If you are interested in one (DMM's are often primary equipment for DIY) there is a DMM often available on sale at Harbor Freight. Other outlets sell this DMM for about $10 as well. It is more than adequate for everything you need to complete the TORPEDO!, but as stated, you really don't need one to construct this amp.

How to get help ... has more than enough information to help you complete the TORPEDO! Besides these web pages, DIYforums and especially - - provide ample opportunity to search for answers or for asking direct questions. TomB from Beezar and Dsavitsk of ECP Audio will do their best to get your problem solved. In addition, there are many other builders that post and answer questions at: Head-Fi . We hope you enjoy building and listening to the TORPEDO!


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