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The Starving Student Millett Hybrid PCB

SSMH Heat Sink

The Starving Student Millett Hybrid (PCB) uses the Aavid #569003B00000G heat sink.

Aavid's data sheet: 569003B00000G heat sink.

Mounting is a bit non-standard for the SSMH PCB, but this diagram should help (Note - Parts key is for Beezar SSMH heat sink):
1. Bergquist Pad
2. Shoulder Washer
3a. #4 Flat Washer
3b. #4 Flat Washer
4. 4-40 Nut
5. 4-40 x 1/2" Socket Head Cap Screw (flat head shown)
6. Lock Washer
Note that the two closest holes on the heat sink are used for mounting. The sinks must be oriented as shown in the pic below, with the longer-distance offset holes to the outside:

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