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The TooleAudio BantamDAC

Bill of Materials

Please note latest BOM changes for production boards in the list below ...

BantamDAC Bill of Materials (right-click to download the files):
  • BantamDAC BOM Excel file
  • xls file - 158 kb
  • BantamDAC BOM web page converted from Excel
  • web page - 434 kb

    For additional parts selection and insight, please refer to the Tweaks section.

      Update on 11/1/2008:
    • Primary output film cap selection was changed to the Vishay-Roederstein MKT-series, 1.0uf 63V (Mouser Part#75-MKT1817510064)
      Important Changes for BOM (last updated 10/5/2008):
    • A standard, 3mm LED was added to the production board
    • R9 was added as an LED resistor - thick film 1206, 1K

    file last changed:Saturday, November 1, 2008 7:00:00 AM
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